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Advocacy and advice.

Practice Areas

serious injuries and wrongful death

You shouldn’t be responsible for medical bills and other costs when someone negligently or intentionally caused you harm. Our judicial system is designed to give you the ability to receive compensation for those losses. We’ll work to make sure you are given a fair shot at getting the compensation you deserve.

business disputes, CORPORATE WRONGDOING, & fraud

Give us a call if things head south on a deal you've worked on or if you and your business partner no longer see eye-to-eye.

alcohol-related injuries

In South Carolina and North Carolina, criminal statutes forbid selling alcohol to an intoxicated person. Violating those public-safety statutes can result in civil liability. If alcohol played a role in injuries you’ve sustained, you may have a claim the bar or restaurant that served the intoxicated individual.


If you've been  injured on the job, workers' compensation may cover lost wages and medical care. But your benefits can be challenged by your employer and their insurance company.

business advice and contract drafting

You should know what your agreement means before the trouble starts. Clarifying each party's role lets you and your counterpart focus on the task at hand instead of wasting time (not to mention money) arguing over something that should've been clarified in the first place.

corporate formation

residential & commercial real estate

Wills & Estate Planning