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Advocacy and advice during life’s most trying times.

We believe that your life changes forever when you’re seriously injured or when you lose a loved one. Economic hardship often follows the pain and suffering accompanying traumatic events. But you can’t afford to stay down and out. The monetary compensation you may be entitled to can’t replace your loved one or heal your wounds. But it can help you pick up the pieces.

DuRant & DuRant, P.A. Myrtle Beach wrongful death attorneys.


You have our deepest sympathies if you’re grieving a loved one. We can help you and your family seek justice by filing a wrongful death action. In those cases, the individual overseeing the decedent’s estate (called a personal representative, executor, or administrator) files a claim for damages that may include:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering, mental shock, wounded feelings, grief, and sorrow;

  • Funeral expenses;

  • Loss of companionship;

  • Economic losses suffered by the family; and

  • Punitive damages for a defendant’s willful, wanton, or reckless actions.

Generally speaking, in South Carolina, you must bring a wrongful death claim within three years from your loved one’s death. In North Carolina, you have two years. There are (of course) exceptions to these rules. Either way, it’s best to act quickly to protect your rights.

DuRant & DuRant, P.A. Myrtle Beach electric burn and electric shock attorneys.


Electricity is essential to our everyday life. But electric current can burn, permanently disfigure, and even kill you. The Mayo Clinic says that the danger from an electrical shock depends on the type of current, how high the voltage is, how the current traveled through the body, the victim’s overall health, and how quickly he or she is treated.

Depending on the case, electrical injuries can involve premises-liability, negligence, recklessness, and workers’ compensation claims. You may recover damages for pain and suffering, disfigurement, lost wages, and medical bills. Electrical shock or burn cases may include investigations into the property owner’s compliance with city and county codes. They may also necessitate the use of an expert witness.

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DuRant & DuRant P.A. Myrtle Beach auto accident or car wreck attorneys.


DuRant & DuRant, P.A. are your Myrtle Beach auto accident attorneys. According to the most recent data from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, there were over 35,000 fatalities from auto accidents in the United States in 2016. The South Carolina Traffic Collision Fact Book (2016) says that there is a traffic collision every 3.7 minutes and a fatal collision every 9.3 hours. That same fact book estimated $4.54 billion in economic loss in 2016.

In short, the figures show that traffic-related injuries are commonplace. But no two cases are the same. You won’t be just another statistic to DuRant & DuRant, P.A. We’ll advocate on your behalf and help you with deal with insurance issues relating to uninsured, under-insured, bodily injury, property-damage, collision, and comprehensive coverages.